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What many have been patiently waiting for: The PATH neurotraining program is now available as a web-app on PATH works on all platforms (computers and iPads) when using a google chrome browser.  Just by going to and creating an account, you or your patient get a free week to try out the new web-app.  

Using the brain’s neuroplasticity PATH training ( and improves the timing and sensitivity of the dorsal (magnocellular) pathways so they work with ventral (parvocellular) visual pathways more efficiently, so that seeing, attention, and learning become more automated, thereby requiring less effort. When followed by vision therapy, PATH training rapidly and significantly improves:

•   motion perception

•   depth perception

•   convergence insufficiency

•   eye tracking

•   reading speed and comprehension

•   focused and sustained attention

•   remembering 

•   multitasking

•   problem solving

•   mild cognitive impairments from a concussion

•   writing down ideas

•   learning new ideas 

We have increased the features being provided: 1) each program now has 24 levels of complexity instead of 16, so the training begins with slower left-right movement, 2) can see graphs by clicking on Performance on Dashboard, 3) can see summary data by clicking on Data on Dashboard, 4) can see individual data (graph of each contrast threshold) by clicking on the mean contrast threshold, 5) training videos on right of dashboard (should watch How to Administer PATH neurotraining to see all new features), 6) each therapist can monitor their patient’s data using distance training, 7) using zoom and sharing your patient’s screen can help each patient complete the PATH neurotraining without requiring in-office visits, and 8) cost is substantially reduced.

After the free week, you or your patient can purchase the entire PATH program (96 sessions) needed to complete 48 sessions (24 complexity levels) of one direction of movement (motion program) and 48 sessions (24 complexity levels) of two directions of movement (motionmemory program), OR you or your patient can sign up for a monthly subscription. You would then provide one-on-one supervision using zoom (sharing their screen) when needed.

The PATH training program works much better Now.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

With best wishes,


Dr. Teri Lawton

CEO, CSO/CTO, Founder, Director of Research

Perception Dynamics Institute

Early Childhood Parenting Institute

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