How it works?

ChromaGen lenses modify light’s wavelength as it passes into each eye, which dynamically balances the speed of the information traveling along the optic nerve to your brain.

Common symptoms

  • Double vision
  • Words that are blurry or come in and out of focus
  • Words that move up and down, side-to-side on the page
  • Words that scrunch together or p u l l a p a r t
  • Words that move or come in-and-out of focus
  • Spaces in between the lines move
  • Color Blindness or color deficiency
  • Poor handwriting

What exactly is ChromaGen?

ChromaGen® is a breakthrough in vision technology which corrects color blindness and visual-based Dyslexia. For the first time, people who suffer these very common vision problems can experience a world of rich color—or experience headache-free/nausea-free reading.

How do “glasses” correct these common vision problems?

ChromaGen corrects light’s wavelength as it enters each eye which dynamically balances the signal sent from the eye to the brain. When your eye’s signals are adjusted into sync, you are instantly able to see color as it truly exists. And, for visually-dyslexic patients, ChromaGen syncs each eye’s signal which brings blurry words into focus, and moving words to a stop.

If you or your children suffer from any of the following symptoms:

ChromaGen is a life-changing aid that could work for you!

ChromaGen and Visual Dyslexia

Visually-dyslexic ChromaGen users report an increase in reading speed, comprehension—and even an improvement in their handwriting. Users who used to avoid reading at all costs now look forward to it, because ChromaGen prevents the headaches, nausea, and fatigue which were formerly caused by reading.

A common response from a new ChromaGen user is, “…this is the first time I have seen words stand still and not move on the page!”.

ChromaGen and Color Deficiency

For patients who suffer color deficiency, more commonly referred to as color blindness, ChromaGen lenses provide the ability to experience the world’s full color spectrum.

Color-deficient individuals who have been prohibited from work in certain sectors because they could not distinguish colored wires or lines or graphics, may find ChromaGen to be a viable solution. Airline pilots, electricians, artists, and other professionals may be afforded new occupational opportunities due to enhanced color perception.


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